From Chap. 55, Missouri, 1838

The moment I saw Robert Simerwell's long face I knew he had been unsuccessful. "They all went north," he announced. "I watched them move out." He slumped into Christiana's padded chair. "I entreated with Dr. James to let Mr. Davis bring the Potawatomis to Indian Territory. I said, 'Nobody pretends to think they'll be allowed to remain on the upper Missouri.'"

"And what did he say to that?"

"He said, 'Mr. Simerwell, there's no place they won't be forced from by white men. To give houses and civil institutions to Indians is not realistic. Where I'm going to take them they'll at least be happy what few days they have remaining.'"

"So Dr. James is one of those who believe our only responsibility is to alleviate the Indian's death throes . . . to erect tomb-stones and monuments in his memory."